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All-in-one application that integrates with medical devices specifically to monitor and manage risk factors of heart diseases.

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12 Months

Access to OurCheckup Mobile Application & Portal

4 Quarterly Consultation

Allows you to consult with your own qualified doctor anytime and anywhere

Free Devices

Get FREE Fitbit smartwatch, Ourcheckup Body Composition Scale and BP Monitor (FDA Approved)

4 Quarterly Health Progress Report

10 years Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score

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0% Interest Free Easy Payment Scheme (12 Months)

Frequently asked questions

How does iCheckup Plus work with digital health and medical devices to provide online health care amongst the COVID-19 pandemic?

Wireless weight scale and blood pressure monitors are included in the Ourcheckup programme. These gadgets have adequate processing power to send vital signs data from a patient to their doctor. iCheckupPlus enables them to keep track of the health of their patients in real time. With the iCheckupPlus Programme, patients also have a smartwatch or fitness band. Throughout the day, fitness bands collect vital data from the body and transfers it wirelessly to user devices such as computers, cellphones, and tablets.

How do doctors curate health plans and health programs online?

By utilising the heart health data from the iCheckupPlus devices which are synced online, doctors are able to access your health information. When you see them for your appointment, they will be able to use the information to design a sustainable and realistic health plan for you. By using the devices under the app, your information will be synced and stored daily on our cloud repository, allowing the doctor to have a comprehensive view of your heart health when you arrive for your follow up appointment.

How trustworthy are the health doctors in ourcheckup's online health plan?

Only fully qualified and registered doctors are allowed to be panel doctors on iCheckupPlus!

Does OurCheckup provide affordable health plans online?

Indeed we do! With prices as low as RM4 a day, this health plan (iCheckup Plus) is affordable and accessible.

How does iCheckup Plus provide health intervention plans for coronary heart diseases in the COVID-19 pandemic?

By partnering with a doctor, iCheckupPlus is a unique programme that doesn’t simply leave you alone. If you have heart conditions that you’re worried about, iCheckupPlus ensures that the data collected allows a doctor to best advise you on your next steps, whether during this COVID-19 pandemic or after. Questions such as “Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?”, “Which COVID-19 vaccine is suitable for patients with a heart condition?” and “How is my health affected after COVID-19?” are best addressed by a doctor, and iCheckupPlus provides your doctor with enough information to ensure you get the answer you’re looking for.

Can iCheckup Plus provide elderly heart care?

Yes, iCheckupPlus is perfect for those looking for heart care solutions for the elderly, even the elderly that do not live at home with you. Book a demonstration to understand more!


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